9 Excellent Apps You Need to Be a Business Leader

9 Excellent Apps You Need to Be a Business Leader

One of the marks of a great business leader is his or her ability to keep up with technological innovations. Today, a number of excellent apps are available to help people improve their leadership skills while also making business functions as efficient as possible.

The following are some of the best apps that business leaders can use to make their organizations even more effective:

1. Slack

Slack appOne of the best tools for business communication available today, Slack helps teams share information quickly and efficiently whether they are based in the same office or scattered across the globe. Slack is great for companies because it syncs to a number of other apps, including Drive and Dropbox. People can send small requests and updates via Slack rather than through traditional meetings or official team e-mails, thus giving leaders more time to focus on other functions and keeping employees focused on their work.

2. Igniter

Igniter logoA more esoteric app, Igniter helps business leaders identify their personal values. Great business leaders need to be able to vocalize their beliefs to gain the support of their employees and the respect of their peers in the business world. Luck Companies created Igniter to walk individuals through an automated process that helps them discover their core personal values and determine exactly what they stand for when push comes to shove.

3. Day One

Day One appA sort of journaling app, Day One helps people keep track of their ideas and concerns. Because business leaders can have so many demands on their time in a single day, it is incredibly important that they set time apart to reflect on what has happened and how they should adjust their leadership style in the future. Day One is also great for recording sudden insights or making note of especially important ideas and questions.

4. Super Note

Super Note appSimilar to Day One, Super Note is made for recording those sudden bursts of inspiration and organizing them in a way that proves beneficial over time. Too often, these inspirational moments can be lost and forgotten, especially if they occur on the road or while walking into a meeting. Super Note allows people to vocally record their thoughts and add pictures to the ideas. Then, individuals can color code each note so that they can easily file it and call upon it when necessary.

5. The Leadership Challenge

The Leadership Challenge appA must-have app for business leaders, The Leadership Challenge is based on the best-selling book by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner. The two authors created the app to provide leaders with tangible, actionable suggestions that tie into the five leadership practices outlined in their book. These practices include Model the Way, Challenge the Process, Encourage the Heart, Enable Others to Act, and Inspire a Shared Vision. This app is a fantastic way for people to grow their leadership skills and practice what they learn in real time.

6. Zoom

Zoom appZoom sets a new standard in collaboration. While Skype started the revolution, Zoom has pulled ahead as the leader of the pack in collaboration tools for organizations with remote or virtual employees. The app comes with high-definition video capable of supporting 25 users in a single session. Additionally, Zoom has breakout room functionality for focus sessions or side conversations. Plus, leaders can make great use of the whiteboard function during meetings and even screen share, if necessary.

7. Minute

Minute appBusiness leaders who struggle with managing meetings effectively may benefit from Minute. This app syncs directly with someone’s calendar and offers templates and guides for creating meeting agendas. Then, individuals can share the agenda with whomever they would like so that everyone knows what topics are on the table. These agendas are accessible on the computer or any wireless-enabled device. During the meeting itself, Minute allows business leaders to take notes and capture action items so that meeting minutes can be sent to everyone as soon as it is over. Minute also provides a platform for real-time collaboration.

8. Clarity

Anyone who feels that they would benefit from having an expert consultant on hand around the clock should check out Clarity. The app has a large collection of mentors that can help business leaders with a wide variety of questions and concerns. Through the app, individuals can seek out the best mentor for a given situation and then schedule a one-on-one phone call at a mutually convenient time. Some consultants offer their advice pro bono, while others charge a fee through the app.

9. Trello

Trello appA project management app, Trello allows business leaders to look at an entire project through the lens of a single board that contains various modifiable and moveable cards. The visual app helps individuals see what has been done and what needs to be done immediately. Trello has a range of other features, such as budgeting and expense tracking, reports, issue management, and more. People can use all of the project management functions for free, but the pay version includes integration with other apps, additional add-ons, and expanded memory capabilities.

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