Three Essential Traits of All Great Leaders

Three Essential Traits of All Great Leaders


Unique ideas are hard to come by; evident even less often is the ability to successfully execute an idea.  Several qualities are necessary to make a dream take actual form in business.  According to an article recently completed by Forbes, these are qualities all entrepreneurs must have in order to succeed in business.

Character: To Lead By Example

A leader must lead by example. Honesty amongst colleagues is crucial; as the head of the organization, the leader must redefine a new moral example and code.  The company in creation is a direct reflection on the entrepreneur; therefore, the leader must reflect on the message they wish to send to the community and their employees. Creating a list of sought after values and posting it around the office can be very beneficial, not only to insuring that the boss keeps in line, but that the employees adapt the beliefs as well. Commitment is also important in terms of setting an example for employees.  If the leader expects their workers to be dedicated and hard working, they must first show that they are committed to the project too.  Nothing serves as a better motivational tool than seeing the boss down in the trenches.

Ability to Inspire Motivation

Motivation, in general, is key. If morale is low, productivity will suffer.  Several key components can be employed to insure morale never falters.  A sense of humor and confidence will certainly come in handy.  By setting an example of laughing off mistakes instead of wallowing in shame, employees will follow suit; in no time, setbacks will be viewed as temporary faults, not devastating damages, particularly if confidence is deployed to remind that setbacks are natural in business.  In general, a positive attitude can work wonders. A simple gesture, such as providing coffee or snacks, can boost morale for the day. The leader must remember that every member of the team is a person.  Addressing the needs of the individual will allow for the office mood to find the perfect balance between productive and playful.

Creativity and Intuition

Creativity and Intuition aren’t necessarily two aspects that one naturally assumes leaders need to have to succeed.  However, the article indicates that both can really help with navigating the road of the unknown. Creativity will help in the task of making on the fly decisions—scenarios that typically involve choosing between the lesser of two evils. If the leader can think outside the box, they may be able to adapt the less than positive idea to suit their needs. Along similar lines, intuition can help the leader in making the difficult decision to begin with. Finally, two well-known traits are mentioned—an ability to delegate and trust the talents of the team and strong communications skills to convey the conviction and vision of your dream.

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